March 31st, 2003


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Well, I made it here without too much difficulty. My inability (in a short half day) to find an open AP or hotspot is forcing me to use a dial up connection and a French keyboard - which is day and night difference from the standard QWERTY keyboard most are used to.

The plane ride was interesting. I never had been on a 777 and my last trip on a large plane (larger than a 737) was about 11 years ago. So for this trip, I ended up having 12 channels of crap to watch on the plane ride. 12 channels of crap that repeated every 2.5 hours but I managed to stay entertained.

The on-flight entertainment system included what appeared to be GPS info on the flight progress. I managed to fly over Newfoundland which will make Sara angrily jealous. What was funny was the fact someone had entered Paris, TX as a waypoint so, 10 minutes off the ground, we were just a few minutes miles away. HA! I wish it were that quick.

Apparently, my airline has some variety of power connector on that model plane...I am interested to find out what it is. If it turns out all I needed was to bring my inverter to use it, I will be irritated. I can use that 9 hours of potential downtime for studying.

So, for the specifics, I am staying in a flat with an old friend (Charles) and his girlfriend Caroline (now I know two Carolines here) in the 9th arrondissement - very close to the metro station Cadet. I only have a few vague plans for now - one museum and one conference (assuming I can get into it) and taking a lot of pictures. I have already met one other person from my last visit this evening and I may meet a few more this week (one is scheduled to come here tomorrow).

Given my rather short, sleep-filled day, that is about all that happened. More tomorrow.
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