March 18th, 2003


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Argh! There is nothing like realizing you woke up and it is 2 hours AFTER you should be at work. Of course, I was tired enough last night to need that much sleep.

Looks like the contractor is now trying to blame the unattended setup of Windows 2000 using the IBM Java applet as the cause of the jukebox not talking to his application. He has requested we do a 'vanilla' install of W2K. This is ok but I still have to load the same drivers as before to get the system to work and the only real difference is the lack of an unattend.txt file on the server after the install. I am, more and more, suspecting it is the application and not the hardware. The same server hardware (mainboard, RAID controller, SCSI controller, etc) ran the old version of the app in NT 4.0 with MS SQL 7.0 but when we move to W2K and SQL 2k with their NEW app, it breaks. And, we have done SQL 7.0 to SQL 2k upgrades before here - it is not that hard. I suspect his app...just a hunch. I think the DBA agrees with me on that.

I am working the 2nd shift this week. Not that it is hard or anything, just not very exciting. The place clears out by 7pm and some of the jobs are, well, a matter of waiting (defrag on servers, etc). Next week, I am back to my original spot and the week after, with luck, I am out of here for a week. I need it.
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