March 15th, 2003


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Well, that change control sucked.

I am still not sure what was wrong but something wasn't working. After three attempts, we gave up and rolled back the changes. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect there is something dodgy with IBM Netfinity 5100 server hardware interacting with HVD SCSI controller in Windows 2000. Of course, lack of sleep is stopping me from pondering that too much.

I really need a vacation but all I am going to get is a week of hellish work - two co-workers (one is my boss) are out all week. I suspect I will be working until 9pm every day (maybe I can go in at noon). We'll see.

I am going to sleep.
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well, 12 hours of sleep should help...

I hate it when I have crappy dreams. I had a few about people I know/knew dying and seeing it affect other people I know. Some of it was oddly biographical and some it was not.

The one that was not somewhat biographical I hope does not come true.

Why can't I dream about people I dislike and would be happy to see "down in a hole" dying? Then I could wake up feeling only slightly disappointed from the fact it didn't really happen...but I would have some bit of fleeting happiness.

Oh...wait. Happiness. I forgot...I got nuthin'
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