March 6th, 2003



Normally, I leave work a little later in the evening than most people - around 6pm to 7pm. This is because I have trouble getting up in the mornings and I get into work late so my schedule is pretty much 9-whenever. It's ok with me since it usually means traffic is light. Today, I left at 5:25 hoping most of the traffic was cleared. I was wrong.

Besides the normal "Oops, I rear-ended someone and am going to block two lanes of traffic on the highway despite the obvious lack of injury" accident* that invariably occurs here, I passed a woman in a powder blue late eighties Dodge Shadow highly engrossed in her cell phone conversation while 4 LARGE poodles milled around her back seat and passenger seat. This was not a blue-haired old lady - she was likely in her 40s. And it scared me.

Well, off to do laundry. I have a weird compulsion about laundry. I will catch myself repeatedly checking the washing machine to make sure enough soap is in the wash cycle. I don't know why I do this. I have never pulled one of those Peter Brady dump-a-whole-box-of-detergent-in-the-machine stunts that causes the laundry room to resemble an orgy scene on the set of the Lawrence Welk show. I just keep checking...sometimes even after I KNOW there is enough (but not too much) soap in the wash cycle. I don't do this with dish washers, just clothes.

*many states require you pull OFF the roadway in a non-injury accident to avoid interfering with the traffic flow. This state does NOT. Dumbasses.
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