February 6th, 2003


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...and, to the 93% or so of LJ users who pay nothing to use the site but complain that there is an upcoming limit of daily posts: bite me

The cost to use LJ are pretty low considering what it offers. If you feel the need to post more than once per hour during the waking day (which would be required to exceed the 20 per day limit), you have less of a life than I do. If a limit of 3-5 per day is not enough for people unwilling to pay at least a small fee, go find a boob and suck it.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. I am sure a good portion of the rationale is not just storage space or server memory. Both are fairly cheap and the resolution to the former is deleting old data from deleted journals and cancelling accounts that are unused beyond a reasonable limit (say, 1 year of no logins). I think the issue involved is the cost of clusting the servers to provide the horsepower to dole out web pages and create code from entries in real time. Adding CPU power is much more complicated than tossing a NAS device on the network or popping a few DIMMs in a server.

It reminds me of @Stake when they were L0pht. They were willing to take donations of money and equipment to run their club (which was what is was at the time). But, as time went on, a point came where time was more valuable and it turned into a business venture of sorts. l0phtcrack hit the scene and like pretty much all Internet companies they had to focus on at least breaking even to survive.

Not many people have the time and expertise to donate to the people running LiveJournal to keep it a totally free site and some of the parts of LiveJournal will likely never be donated - fast pipes to the internet, big servers, etc.

This is just a part of the evolution of every company so limit the whining and either live with 3-5 free posts per day, pony up some money, or go elsewhere.
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