February 2nd, 2003


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this is turning into a depressing weekend. I am digging through the main PC I used for records from 2000 to 2001 when I moved trying to backup anything I may need - most of it is crap but occasionally I run across something that kicks off a certain memory or related very directly to the idiocy of affairs created in my life at that time by people who had little to no concern for me in their actions. *breathes*

Listening to music from then and now that is either attached to the bad feelings at the time or generally the bad feelings of my life now is not doing much to soothe the dour mood I am in.

It has made me wonder if I should move my old hand-written journal entries from my website site to my LiveJournal site. I mean, if I date them for when they were written at the time, no one will likely ever go back and read them but the content is very much dated so I am not sure. Hell, a good many of them are not even linked on my site anymore but they are there.

Damn...where is my Ambien?
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