January 29th, 2003


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I am in Georgia until this afternoon where I get to spend another (hopefully short) afternoon in the Atlanta (doesn't have a damned bit of wireless internet connectivity) Airport. I need to buy some gifts before I leave, though. At least the airport does have gift shops.

Work has been hectic. Apparently, for the last year and a half I have been employed by this company people here have thought I was a contractor. This is hilarious. I guess I should be happy since contractors are usually hired to augment a missing element of knowledge and/or expertise so...perhaps that's the impression I have given quite a few people here. I do know that a lot of people here seem to have heard my name and the general opinions are good ones. That is definitely a positive outcome.

I met with Elizabeth for a short while and crashed. I was wound up from the day and it was a chance to get away from everything at work - respites are good.

I have to run to the lab and run some more speed tests, train some users and set up a server build to testing back home. Busy day...
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