January 19th, 2003


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Day 3: After waking up, I had no desire to go back to CES. Both feet were hurting and my legs are still tired from moving and the regular massage of women's knees from the night before (yes, that was a visual). Given this was our last real day, we decided to hit the strip and see the hotels. First, we headed over to Hard Rock Hotel. Specifically, I wanted to check out the web cams they offer for the pool area and grab a gift for a friend. The pool was closed and the gift shop I wanted to hit was closed. We ate at a small diner-style place. Then, we headed to the Venetian and the Wax Museum. The problem with the wax museum is it is too damned short. It consists of about 5 large rooms of figures. I think the Palace of Wax in Grand Prairie, TX. has more statues (although not quite as good in quality). After some pictures there, we went to Caesar's Palace and grabbed some late lunch. This proved to be an interesting experience. While the day before we saw some of the two NFL games in the Star Trek restaurant, the crowd was very restrained. Not so at Caesar's. When Oakland scored their first touchdown, dozens of people started chanting "Rai-ders" - much akin to European soccer games. Any good plays or penalties against the team they were not supporting brought a huge amount of cheering.

After copious amounts of food, we left to the MGM. The crowds there were, I think, even louder during the game. It occurred to me that for the Oakland fans, the plane ride to Las Vegas and hotel stay might have been cheaper than going to the game itself. Not to mention the screen in the MGM was utterly enormous - about the size of a typical movie screen but 4:3 in aspect. We ended up just looking over some of the strip sights in that area, taking pictures and heading back to the hotel after dark. Tom crashed briefly while I did some souvenir shopping and messed with my camera only to discover I have the wrong cable to transfer pictures without a media reader. Sleep was badly needed and we had an early flight back the next day. No one won a car or the big jackpot but plenty of decent food was had and there were some worthy highlights…and, with some luck, my next trip will involve someone for me to visit.
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