January 17th, 2003


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it may seem like a petty complaint, but it occurred to me SHORTLY after arriving back home that no one at my work even come to my work area to ask either me or Tom how our trips had been. I even IMed a few of them and was ignored.

I distinctly recall, when one of those co-workers had a trip out of town recently, I asked if that co-worker had had a good trip and ask about some of the highlights - just out of courtesy. I don't know...I just consider it a common courtesy issue with people you both work with and treat as/consider friends that at least an acknowledgement that you were gone and are now back is a decent thing to do.

I would post this to coworkers_suck but it is a minor thing in retrospect - at least compared to the usual coworkers_suck fare.
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Day 2: I woke up, as I have of late, at 7am as the sun was brightening up the western part of Las Vegas and making sleep impossible. (Curse the yellow face that hurts my eyes and keeps me from dreaming of my precious). To expedite the process of getting to the show, we decided to hit the IHOP next door to the Stratosphere for breakfast. After that, we walked to the Sahara and caught a cab to the convention center. The place was pretty packed. It was not set up quite like N+I. We ended up initially in the audio area - mostly car electronics and crap. After a dozen decked out Lamborghinis and Ferraris and an hour or so of salespeople, we headed to the video/computer stuff. There were lots of decent products, especially from Creative Labs - from whom I got a free t-shirt and free headphones. However, at around 3pm, hunger pangs started and we headed over to the Star Trek restaurant to eat.

I wasn't too much on heading back for 2 hours of show since it was open on Sunday as well so we headed back to the hotel to plan the evening. We ended up on Fremont Street watching the usual crowd - the guy who paints with spray paint and the light show. My now large blister decided to pop and cause me pain as well as my right ankle was hurting for no real reason. On the way, we saw an ATF van parked in a caged off garage. I decided to take a picture of it but the grating reflected the flash to I went closer to the fence. No good shot so I walked back to the sidewalk where some dork guard was blocking out path on the sidewalk. He started to give me crap about it being a government building and we were not supposed to be there. Funny thing is, he has a VERY strong accent so I am thinking, “Which government? Bolivia?” So, we left after looking at him like he was, well, a dork.

Since we were, by then, again hungry, we hit the Plaza and the Chinese food buffet. This was a pretty piss poor buffet and the only saving grace was the soups. We left that and headed to Glitter Gulch. It was a busy night and the girl working the front door in her pseudo-Storm-from-X-Men getup didn't know any dancers I know in Vegas so I suspected the crowd inside would be unknown - and it was. Initially, the hustle meter was set to zero. No girls were pestering us but it was around shift change and the crowd livened up within 30 minutes or so. Some Asian girl who claimed to be Thai accosted Tom and a strange blonde named Kele Ward (aka Bubbles) accosted me. After their hustle (and the 'Thai' girl refused to leave Tom alone), they took off. Kele would come by ever so often and tell us what was going on in the bar (some guy puked in the VIP area, etc). Then, I got blind-sided by a cute Devin-esque* brunette and her somewhat Goth friend wanting to tag team me on table dances - and the rate they were quoting was half price. I was shocked. After some time with them, the brunette tells me she didn't do stages - just table dances and the nature of the conversation turned more personal than I usually ever expect in a club like this. An hour and a half or so had passed and Tom by now wanted to leave - more likely than not to just get away from the Thai girl and it was late for us. The brunette gave me a hug and some personal contact info before I headed over to get Tom and we left.

Since I was not about to walk on the blister any more than I had to, we grabbed the bus back to the strip and ended up back at the hotel smelling like the perfume counter at Dillard collapsed on us but, hey, we were pretty happy.

* it is at great risk I make that kind of statement. Those who know me well know why...but I digress.
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