January 16th, 2003


Day 1 in LV

Tom and I arrived in LV a bit late courtesy of the airline having to swap planes. When the mechanics came out and opened up the engine on the left side of the plane, I though I saw them spraying GumOut on it. That should have been a warning sign. The planes were eventually swapped out and we departed a bit late - 45 minutes or so.

The flight was uneventful since, well, it was dark by them. Not much to see but lights from small towns in the Texas Panhandle and New Mexico. What kicked some butt was flying over Hoover Dam, though. It was well lit and quite visible. Sorry, no pictures of it.

We made it to the airport and took a shuttle to the Stratosphere to check in. There was a family on the shuttle with us and they were cracking jokes about family and friends the way there but I am pretty sure they were the for the CES show. Hell, I think most of the people on the flight were there for the CES show as the flight was pretty damned full - much more than other conferences I have been to in the past. Once at the Stratosphere, we checked in, dumped off the bags in the room and hit the buffet there. It was seafood night and Tom attacked the crab legs and shrimp. I settled more for the landlubber fare of Mexican food, fruit, chicken and some good dessert. A couple of Asian guys sat at the table next to us and were putting us to shame. It was like the hot dog eating competitions where the skinny Asian guy somehow eats twice the hot dogs as the previous champion. These guys had a large pile of crab exoskeleton and shrimp parts piled up. Pretty amazing stuff.

We then just walked up the strip and looked at the freebee shows (eg. Treasure Island, Mirage) and such. That was a mistake since, after all, I knew the conference would involve quite a bit of walking. So, after some about 3 miles of walking on hard concrete, I ended up with a nasty blister starting on my left foot. Needless to say, after that, sleep was dreadfully needed.
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