December 31st, 2002


one more for the record

I slept from 4pm on which is not surprising since I had been up the night before (well, I had one hour sleep). I decided to hit the IHOP and read (I actually didn't read what I was supposed to since I was engrossed in other reading) and hit WalMart for some of the elusive flux I need for a project I am working on (the power supply project).

The history of this is: I ordered the needed PS2 tips a few months back from Mouser (Mouser is cool, great catalog) but needed flux for the soldering I would have to do. Several times, I have gone to Radio Shack to get flux. Radio Shack never has it in stock. This is akin to WalMart not having obnoxious blue plastic sacks in stock. I think it is just the Radio Shacks here that have this problem. If it were all Radio Shacks not stocking COMMON items, people on the Internet would be yelling and screaming.

So, I was told my a co-worker that WalMart had flux in stock. I had my doubts and decided to hit the closest one for a tube of flux. Well, after 15 minutes of looking...none can be found other than a plumbing kit containing a huge tube of the wrong kind of flux. I finally found someone in the electronics department to call another WalMart as ask about flux. Supposedly, there is a kit with the correct flux at a WalMart near my work. We'll see...I bet I get there and it is the plumbing kit.

I did manage to buy a power cable end for my old APC BackUPS 600. I need to pick up the UPS and take it to work to connect it along with my tools.
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funny as hell

Routers bring down .fr
Contributed by mstrebe on Tuesday December 31, 2002 @ 01:01AM from the pardon-my-french dept.
French routers went on strike today demanding better working conditions and shorter work hours. Planning to strike through New Years day, the routers have taken down the entire .fr ccTLD as well as .com, .org, and .net gTLDs that are hosted in France.

A spokesman for Fraternité internationale des ordinateurs et des couteaux d'Internet, the French computer union, claimed that the strike was necessary to remind the major French ISPs that routers were no longer simply willing to be taken for granted and essentially forgotten.

“These routers perform a critical economic function and have not seen the reduction in work hours and other benefits that other industrial sectors have received.”

The routers are demanding ambient temperatures no higher than 25 degrees centigrade in equipment rooms, cleaner supply power, and a 35-hour workweek consisting of hours no longer than 48 minutes each. They are also demanding that any decisions to begin routing of the forthcoming IPv6 protocol be approved by a union vote before implementation.
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one more item to add to the moron list:

Radio Shack (at least the few here) no longer stock flux. Never mind it took me visiting four of them in search of it to be told this was a decision of the district manager.

In a FUTILE effort to get flux, I visit a local WalMart only to find plumbing flux (which is not what I need). The kid in electronics actually seems to know what I am talking about when I ask him if they ever stock it (since they stock soldering irons and'd assume). He seemed to know what I was talking about and called a WalMart near my work to ask if they had it. It was supposed to be waiting for me when I got there. It wasn't. Morons!

I guess I can try Home Depot or Lowes but this is ridiculous. Why the fuck can't Radio Shack sell it like they ALWAYS have in the past?
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