November 27th, 2002



Now it is 4:46am, and I am nursing the damned backups that refuse to run properly. When did this become a third shift job?

well, at least the server is rebuilt and I ASSUME it will work properly. Since I have no control over the DSN configurations on about half a hundred machines, I have to let go and tell myself that I have done all I can to make it work. I can't test it all...hell, I have no access to the machines that use that database.

30 GB down, who knows how many more to go.
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Server was done by 6:15am or so. When people did arrive at work (around 7:45am), the changes were tested and appear to completely work. It was a kind of hellish change control window since this was our backup server (one of two and the main one of the two) and I had to make sure the backups would run. It took rebuilding the backup device configurations in Backup Exec and the jobs but the jobs ran. The databases appeared to work when the user PCs hit them with ODBC connections. So, everything was completed - unlike my (mis)adventures in Atlanta earlier this month.

I took today off (kind of). I mean, it isn't counted against me since I worked 6 hours of the day. Fortunately, other people at work were able to monitor the testing and verify it all worked. I missed a minor issue today with an SSL certificate on a web server. I guess I (and others likely) will be tasked with it on Monday.

I plan to go book shopping Friday. Mwahahaha.
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