November 9th, 2002


let's see...

who are the assnuggets of the week:


Paypal for being a bunch of filthy, scum liars(odd todd accent). I hope you enjoy BoA doing a 'Wedding Scene from Caligula' on you. Failure to receive merchandise I paid for it basis for a claim with the card provider. BoA agrees with me and it is ridiculous as an escrow agent, you can't grasp the basics of your responsibilities. Go suck in some exhaust fumes and increase the average IQ of America!

Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport. Yeah, there are decent food places and stuff but NO FUCKING INTERNET other than some asshat place where you can get a wired "T-1" connection for over $1 an MINUTE. Yes, the dumb woman working there actually told me they offer "T-1 connections for laptops". What a moron! What is odd is that there are Starbucks in just about every terminal...why don't they have the T-Mobile wireless access Starbucks offers. This is a large, international airport. What crap!

Dell. Thanks for the damned return authorization you never sent. Now, I get to call your dumb asses tomorrow to complain and consider calling BoA to file a dispute against you for the nice laptop that is not up to your posted specs. Hell, I think I will call tonight. Asshats!

Delta Airlines. Nice going. Refuse to let me board the god damned plane because the touch screens you use for customer boarding are incredibly non-intuitive and ended up putting me 2 or 3 minutes past the purported 30 minutes you seem to require for check in. Then, you bump me on THREE consecutive flights. My 10:20am flight ended up being 8:40pm - in the aforementioned craphole of a non-internet providing airport. It also didn't help that TWICE I was given incorrect information about gates where flights would be available. Frequent flyer? How about frequent crowbars so I can help pry your heads out of your asses.

I am tired as hell because I did NOT sleep last night. I can't seem to sleep now (I am going to take some Ambien in 5 minutes or so). I ate like crap all week with no one around to do anything with (even the Atlanta lab people kind of bailed on Thursday since I was staying so late every night) and I want an enjoyable weekend since nothing good happened to me at all this week (all plans went to hell for the most part) and I am stuck in this hemorrhoidal sphincter of a city and I am sure people here will blow me off when I suggest something like, oh, going to Dallas.
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