November 5th, 2002



I am in Atlanta. The plane was a bit late and the shuttle driver drove like a DWI waiting to happen.

Here's the break down (sponsored by Super Mike (Number One):
Got to the airport with time to spare. The security people gave me holy hell since I have some Cisco routers and power supplies tucked away. The problem here is that people in Oklahoma think 'sis | koe' is a company that sells silverware and sugar packets to restaurants so, of course, if I have something in my carry-on that spells 'Sysco' incorrectly, I must be the next fucking Richard Reid. Assclowns. Wrong 'sis | koe', wrong packets.

Got on the plane. It was full and I barely managed to find a spot for one of my carry-on bags (the backpack with the 'Sysco' routers). Ended up sitting next to a guy who works for General Dynamics integrating new networks at military bases. He had noticed my 'Riverstone' networks and, like me, has had the misfortune of using their equipment. So, for the first, oh, 20 minutes things were cool.

Read my paper, nodded off a few times, eventually landed.

Atlanta airport is fairly large and has an oddball tram system between terminals. I took it to the far end to get my bags. I beat the bags by 10 minutes or so.

I got on the shuttle bus and waited, and waited, and waited. For some reason, this guy was bound and determined to get as many people in the van as possible. After his Grand Theft Auto driving style had irritated the passengers (and other drivers), I arrived at the hotel about 5:00 pm ET. I immediately went to the room (I was tired of lugging this crap around) and set up the laptop and large patch antenna. No signals. Damn! I am surrounded by trees so I am screwed until I go to work tomorrow. The room has high speed internet but it is $10 a day so I opted to get that since the dial up for my work is broken. I later found out this has been an issue for a while and no one seems in a hurry to fix it - typical.

My hotel is about 2-3 miles away from the place I am working - not 2-3 blocks. I am not entirely happy since this means I have to go trudging around looking for an ATM to pay a cab driver to haul me there. I would walk but there is the issue of me having about 60 pounds of crap I am hauling with me.

So far, Sara is the only person online taking to me. Two other LJers are online but otherwise occupied (one was talking to me earlier). I hope to knock out most of this stuff tomorrow.

I fell alseep at about 8:30 ET and woke up at about 11:00 ET. This sucks since I took some meds to get to sleep and I am not tired at all now. I will drag into the work area tomorrow feeling like crap.

I was remembering that at Clearwire, they hired a guy to do some field management over the field techs. I never knew him well. Anyway, he was in one of the markets and from what we were told, he died in his sleep from a heart attack. At my current job, we had a temp we hired for a while who died just after his stint was up. Eerie. I kind of wonder how things would be handled if I died here.
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