October 27th, 2002



The Angels win, Taco Bell doesn't have to dole out free food, I am getting sick and my weekend stank.

As for the first one, duh! The second, Taco Bell pulled a publicity stunt (again) where they put a target in the water just outside the Giants' stadium and if a player hit the target with a homerun ball, Taco Bell would dole out a free taco to everyone in the US - or something to that effect. This is identical to a publicity stunt they pulled over a year ago when the MIR station was about to crash into the Earth - except the target was bigger and a bit further from the California coast.

I am getting sick. I have no idea with what but I am. I am having chills on occasion and a mild sore throat. It started on Thursday and I had initially blamed it on the aforementioned accursed Taco Bell (I ate some bean burritos on Wednesday and thought it invoked a bit of acid reflux). Turns out the burn was more an infection that flared up on Thursday and Friday. This weekend, it has been more along the lines of mild chills and a short temper. I unpacked some videos, ordered more $#!t online and rested. No studying :(

The weekend, for just that reason, sucked. Next week at work should prove to be more calm. No major influx of work or stressing of any of our systems. Just the typical issue of being blown off when offering lunch invitations to coworkers.

I do, however, get to avoid this week's Atlanta trip.

Oh, I did get the study material burned for my friend in Dallas. I just need to make it near his house to drop it off with him. I hope it helps him out. Maybe I can spend some time in Atlanta studying. Psh! As if there is anything else to do there.

I do plan to wardrive (or, in my case, warwalk) with a large patch antenna and Netstumbler when I am there. I need to get a GPS to get better data and log files.

Looks like I will be setting up some temporary wireless for an event soon - mid November, perhaps. More details later, I hope.
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