October 23rd, 2002


Hamming ECC

RAID Level 2, which uses Hamming error correction codes, is intended for use with drives which do not have built-in error detection. All SCSI drives support built-in error detection, so this level is of little use when using SCSI drives.

Sorry...inside joke.

On Tuesday, I saw someone at a sandwich shop that looked like my ]-[04r of an ex-wife. It wasn't her but there was some resemblance (poor woman). What relevance does that have to this entry? None.

17 hours on Tuesday and 10 today. I came home very upset to my stomach. Work is frustrating BUT I think I am going to avoid the Atlanta trip next week. It will likely be pushed to the week after that.

I need to try and get some sleep. Xanax...take me away.
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