October 21st, 2002


damn it!!

I have no idea when I am supposed to be at work tomorrow. Before you say "WTF!?!", the schedules were changed this week as a result of an expected huge increase in workload. I don't know if I am supposed to be in at 9am, 10am, 1pm or what? No one really said. If I go in at 9am, I may be expected to work until 10pm or later (keep in mind, I am salaried so I get no extra money for the extra hours (nor comp time)).

This weekend has been odd. First, people were pissing me off since Thursday. No one I knew has been IMing me (or returning IMs) through Saturday. Now, people I rarely talk to are IMing me and an old friend in Dallas emailed me. I don't get it.

I am going to try and go visit a friend in Dallas next weekend. Hell, I should just job hunt while I am there. I am so irritated at people here, it isn't funny.
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Monday, nuff said

Somewhere in the subconscious of my mind, I spent all day at work with Soundgarden playing in the back of my brain.

I woke the same as any other day
Except a voice was in my head
It said seize the day, pull the trigger, drop the blade
And watch the rolling heads

I am sure at least one coworker could see the smoldering hatred in my stare.
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(no subject)

today, I was informed I will very likely be going to Atlanta next week. Let's see...that is comparable to going to Atlanta?

1) Root canal sans nitrous oxide.
2) Chewing on broken auto safety glass.
3) Being forced to deal with the banality of my workplace.

Oh well...at least it will only be for a day (I hope)
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