October 17th, 2002



The pie will soon be mine.

Actually, this week has been comfortably calm and ununnerving (is that a word?). I am sure next week will not be nice. We are expected to get hammered with work. I have been trying to prep what I can to make it easier.

I get the whole (damned) weekend alone so I can finish up some projects I have pending. We'll see if I even touch them.

People at my work have been asking my co-workers (and not me directly despite the fact I am online all the time and may be the most available person on the planet to talk to - but I digress) why I am not talking to anyone at work. Could it be Seasonal Affective Disorder? No. Fall allergies? No. Lack of good meds. Maybe, but likely no. Lack of sex? No, that gives me things to do with my mouth other than talk to people. Maybe I can unload over copious amounts of alcohol...but I don't drink alone (unlike George Thoroughgood).
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