October 4th, 2002


bad jokes

Because I can sleep and I am in a punchy mood...and it is Breast Cancer Awareness time o' year - here is a snippet of an IM session to make you groan at the bad jokes I make:

sara: my boobs are pretty big.
sara: they weigh 22 lbs.
sara: (together)
djinarl: I don't think I have EVER had ANYONE tell me their boob weight
djinarl: it has never come up
sara: lmao
sara: yea, the gyno weighed them on a baby scale.
sara: told me to get a new bra.
djinarl: that is, well, weird
sara: which I can't afford. *laughs* Oh my.
djinarl: wait, doesn't Canada use metrics?
sara: yes!
djinarl: so, instead of pounds, it would be, like, mammo-grams?

That's as much of a PSA as you are likely to get out of me.
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