October 3rd, 2002


what PS?

No power supply today. I am guessing it will show tomorrow. I am a bit anxious to get this to work. I need to find a dead mouse to de-cable and try the pinout I have from the other power supply. I used to save cables (like mouse cables) religiously and, on many occasions, my packrat tendancies saved time and effort. However, I stopped that after I moved to Texas. Probably for the best since I MAYBE used 1 out of 100 items I saved.

Today was guerrilla server rebuilds (like yesterday). Nothing network related other than reading the many dozen newsletters in email I am behind in reading. Tomorrow appears to be calmer. Despite my desire to opt out of even going to work, I think a half day might be in order.

No new Bob in France tonight :( Maybe tomorrow. I need the laughs.

What is ironic about that animation is that one of my best friends in France is nicknamed Bob. Salut, Bob. Il faut encore dessiner des bittes sur les murs chez Mag. Hahaha. I guess you had to be there. I learned a few choice French slang words after that practical joke.

France was, by the way, my ONLY public incident where I sang in public - in front of about 2000 people. That is a whole other entry, though. Damn, I need to scan those pictures ;)
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