October 1st, 2002



Not a fun day...I have kept my head low and ignored the idiocy around me. I know...I should do this everyday but I don't. It is a bad habit.

The only item of consequence is I unloaded (again) on Sprint and now have a new number and account. Fortunately, I escalated the issues to the Corporate office about 5 weeks ago and they have been auditing the ensuing stupidity. For me, this was good since the person going this was pretty much AMAZED I had over 12 months of tickets open on a 4 year old account which were not being resolved. And, prior to that 12 months, how many tickets were issued? About 4 tickets, that's all.

Most of the tickets revolve around engineering issues here. As it turns out, the tickets were not even being worked on. So, some director in an Engineering department had a nasty email requiring resolution (or at least an answer) to the issues. More than once, I had customer support morons tell me I had no notations on my account when there were around 40 not including the ones the person auditing the account for me.

So, after about 3 phonecalls in 2 months, I now have the account set up they way it needed to be 6 months ago. I have to be thankful there was one person who was willing to take the reigns and smack the horse in the ass.
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