September 30th, 2002


This is Hell, I swear!

I just saw a TV commercial for a CD of Christmas songs - you know, the Burle Ives/Bing Crosby mix of Christmas songs older than hell. It is still September!!! WTF!?!?!
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    sure as hell isn't Christmas music!

Who is SuperGreg?

You don't know?

I ordered the power supply today. Maybe by Thursday it will be here. Then, I can test some cables. I may even opt out of work Friday since last week was so hellish.

I did no studying I needed to but that is ok. I spent time with my family. I did nothing much tonight but chat with people. Some of it was blowing off steam...some was trying to get to know people.

The assheads still outnumber the cool people but I am making progress.
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