September 21st, 2002



well, I upgraded the Tiara's with memory - PC100 128MB SDRAM SODIMMs and the things only show 64MB installed. WTF? I left a message with Chuck to see if he knows if this is an issue or if there is something in the bootstrap that needs to be changed.

One Tiara puked and the flash had to be reformatted (I know how to do that much, at least) but I have no recollection on how to make the thing boot off TFTP connected to one of the Ethernet interfaces. One thing at a time...

Maybe Chuck has a binder worth of docs to help me out here.

Given the Tiara 6200s are going for a reserve of $2500 on Ebay, I think I can palm these off to resellers for $1000 or so. Mwahahaha. I still need to order one more SODIMM.
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