September 5th, 2002



Had to buy some memory (PC100 SODIMMs) for the Tiaras. It should be in Monday or so. I then can call the reseller and see how much he will buy one of them for. It just seems a bit surreal having them. I haven't worked on one in maybe a year. I still have to test the T1 ports but I expect they will be ok.

I was in a bad mood last night and I am in an ambivalent one today. I was looking over both web site and LJ traffic state. Kind of weird the source addresses.

I am planning on spending some time tonight trying to install a flash card in a Cisco 1605-r. Upping it to 16 MB along with the 16MB RAM it now had. Why so much? Well, ask Cisco and their bloated code. The latest code for the 2505 is almost 16MB itself. I need to get an IP only code for that router since I could care less about IPX and the crap protocols I NEVER see (eg. DECnet).

One thing that did make me kind of feel better was spending some time chatting with Sara. I could make Vlad the Impaler jokes at her expense but just the hint of it is enough to make her laugh. :D

On another topic, the attempts I had made to become more involved with some of the afterhours social activities at work have, well, fizzled. I don't know why. It is almost tempting to say "bullocks" to it all and find new work (I think the local cable co is hiring datacomm people). I have never worked in as much of an unsocial environment. Clearliar (hahahaha) was more cohesive than this place most of the time (with less than 50 employees, we managed a softball team even last summer). There is just no bond between departments here and...blah! It annoys me and this will soon turn into a rant if I go on.

Hmmm...cookies at work....gotta run.
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there is hope!!!!

Ruling in dangerous driving case

September 5, 2002

(08:10) A District Judge has said that any motorist caught in a traffic tailback behind a slow driver should assume that the person holding up the traffic is an idiot.

The comments were made by Judge William Harnett at a sitting of Thomastown District Court in Kilkenny during a case involving a Dublin motorist who overtook a slow-moving car on the hard shoulder after being caught in a tailback for a number of miles.

now if they would permit my child abusing ex-wife to be euthanized...