September 2nd, 2002



So, people ask me about things I dislike about where I live. I can't say it is quite the place, it is the people. Even Gilligan's island would be tolerable with smart, cool people. And that is a very apt description - I live in a backwater pit full of backward people with little to no work ethic or desire to pull themselves up out of the mire. I question, in my mind, whether each one I meet just 'gave up' or never had it to begin with. This is a moot point since neither scenario is desirable or justifiable.

I see, everyday, people who are settling on life being backward. Case in point: Saturday night in Dallas, a lotto drawing occurs at 10:00pm. Someone wins the lotto drawing and by 10:30pm, all the billboard roadsigns that advertise the lotto have been changed to show the minimum $4 million jackpot. 30 minutes! This is what I consider to be pretty damned efficient. Another case: in 2 years in Dallas, I think I have paid at a Pay-at-the-Pump station only once when there ended up being no receipt paper in the pump. Either scenario is looked upon by people in Oklahoma City as unbelievable. Why? It would never happen there!

In Oklahoma City, it happens maybe 30% of the time I pay, the damned pump is out of paper. When I page the station attendant to ask for a printout, no one answers. When I go inside, they look at me blankly - almost as if asking, "Why would you want one"? Why? Because I don't trust their incompetent ass to not call the cops and claim I never paid. I want that piece of paper to a) keep my ass out of jail, and b) sue their ass into bankruptcy when I get arrested for a false claim THEY filed.

My point is this: when I push for the second paragraph examples of efficiency in Oklahoma, I am considered unreasonable. How can it be unreasonable when I can drive 200 miles away from Oklahoma City and find just the model I expect? Is stupidity and/or laziness genetic?

A co-worker told me a story of paying for gas in Dallas. The station attendant was able to tell my co-worker details of the xDSL connection his station had with their corporate headquarters AND the approximate data throughtput used. A gas station attendant with more technical ability than most of the IT "professionals" I see in Oklahoma. Now, THAT'S pathetic, but not as much as the people willing to just accept it as normal.
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