August 21st, 2002


The only Professor...

in a world of Gilligans. Yes, it is becoming again clear to me.

I work with a gaggle of morons. Before I go further, let me clarify. There are some smart people at my work (mostly in my department). It is just that many of the rest are, well, dumb. Quite a few are decent but the idiots seem to shine ever so brightly and are, thus, so much more noticable.

Case in point (above and beyond the previous bimbette with the car keys), some asshead decides he wants to start shit with someone he doesn't even know. See! It isn't misogyny. Even the males are dumb. I digress... He starts in on a girl who works in a completely different department - someone he doesn't even know and has never even been around. He just starts talking sh!t in front of others. I never thought much of him but that incident convinced me he is a walking steaming dungpile...right up there with the double-digit IQ gang that resides in some departments of my workplace.

This week has been a pain. I have been in a general pissed off mood. It is just from feeling like I am living on Gilligan's Island...or on a Jerry Springer show.
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