August 15th, 2002



No, not so much ranting. I am just confused...and tired (which aids my confusion). I get to work, three or four items popup which require me to not only dig deep and find an answer but also require me to shift around my thinking (jump on another (buried) track of thought...some people will understand this, others will not). When I am tired (and caffeine deficient as I was this morning), that is a particularly hard thing to so. In between these oddball anomalies I call a job, I try to chat with people at work using the IM clients available to me at the time (AIM, ICQ, Y!). I could use MSN but I have to use their client, not Trillian...but I digress. So, almost no one is responding to my IMs. I am thinking WTF?!? This is the only social outlet my job allows me unless I pry myself out of this department and try to meet people in person by intruding in their personal workspace - which, by the way, I don't like to do because I end up feeling, well, the event is not really fulfilling in an odd cerebral way. By using IM, it is less intrusive, more pointed (at times I do get some banality in IM conversations, though) and, well, preferable to me. This is the third day this has happened - in a row. Psh!
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