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Gotta love Christmas shopping. I detest the crowds generated by the bait-and-switch techniques of most of the damned retailers. I went to Staples tonight (assuming they would be slightly less annoying) and was rewarded with the usual. Rebates that suddenly 'didn't apply' because I didn't go fight a bunch of asshats who lined up at 6am for the promised single item they carried in stock and advertise in their circular. Nevermind the item I wanted to buy was in stock (several were). You'd think if the item was so little in demand that there were several at 7:30 pm, they WANT to sell it. WTF do I know, eh?

I found a small gym near my house (2.5 miles) that is open 24 hour. I may go and talk to them next week. It isn't 24 Hour Fitness but I guess it will have to do.
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