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I guess 5 years is a long time for any ATX power supply...especially when the power company likes to shut off power for extended periods of time (read: longer than my UPS will hold out). My main home PC had its power supply go south today. I am not sure when it happened but it was before I got to work. 10 minutes of work and it was replaces (had another Antec supply in a spare PC I haven't tried to get working yet). It looks good for now. It posted and everything came up ok.

Which brings me to another topic. Had the PC just lost power and decided to lay dormant in an effort to annoy the hell out of me, I wonder if any broadband router companies (Netgear, Linksys, etc) offer WoL in their products. That way, I could give the thing a good nudge to wake it up. I think this would be a cool feature...far better then the arbitrary ping offered in most 'diagnostic' menus of such routers.

Since work is blocking one port I like to use for remote access, I may put Logmein on my laptop. I am not a fan of doing it but I suppose it makes for a second way in to home from work. So far, I like the service. The automated clipboard sharing is cool and the full screen mode is great. And it is free...can't beat that!

This weekend is the horrid migration. I expect utter and complete 9th layer of hell 'forced to chew on broken auto safety glass while my face is forced into a wood chipper' pain from the experience. They wanted it, I suspect a ton of shit will break. Today, DNS broke. For no reason. I didn't care because that machine won't be a DNS server in 2 days and there was a backup anyway. Just a sign of things yet to happen.
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