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In a fit of idiocy, I think I caused my laptop at home to crap out. I was messing with a VNP connection to work and when I re-enabled a service that handles the security portion of the client software...BAM...I lost the connection. I still have one machine at home I can get into from work and it can't even ping the laptop. To make matters even worse, the laptop is on one of my wireless networks and I can't copy my WOL software to the working PC and wake the damned thing up. It is just...down (at least until I get home). I really need to NOT be farking with VPN software over remote connections. This is not the first time something of this nature has happened. I suspect the laptop bluescreened and didn't reboot.

I should have my semi-robotic webcam today. I got into work way early and plan to head out after lunch sometime. I also ordered a low-end WAP/router for a wireless project I want to (hope to) work in this month. Time will tell on that one. I am just keeping my fingers crossed.
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